7:30 AM07:30

Sell More + Be Happy Half Day Bootcamp Training for Hotel in Lansing, MI

Fast, fun and focused, this half-day experience is the shot of espresso your team needs to sell more, be happy and reignite passion for their work - this bootcamp training is just what the profits ordered .

Bootcamp focuses on the following training modules:

  • Superpowers for Selling

  • Prospecting like a Pro

  • Expectations + Boundaries

  • Happiness Planning

Included is a Bonus Meet and Greet opportunity - private Q&A or roundtable post training discussion to debrief, provide hugs, and grant one-on-one opportunities for attendees

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10:00 AM10:00

Wedding Vendor Sales Strategy Bootcamp

Full-day deep dive into reviewing current prospect/sales process for corporate-focused business and and creating streamlined processes and templates for prospecting, pitching and selling more than ever before!

Areas of focus include:

  • Strategic Storytelling + Market Position Strategy

  • Prospecting Processes (that really work) + Goal Setting/Tracking System Utilizing sales templates to speed up selling / establish value + connection

  • Copywriting + Marketing Collateral Creation (to be done by client after

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12:00 PM12:00

Hotel Quickfire Team Communication + Sales Training in New Orleans, LA

Looking for a boost in sales, confidence, team work, and morale? This training is for YOU!

With a fast, fun pace and relevant, eye-opening activities, education and dialogue, this training aims at unlocking awareness about ourselves, other team members, and the behavior and communication styles that shape our thoughts, reactions and feelings. Perfect for teams looking to work on team harmony, understanding and confidence in leading guests to unforgettably great experiences

Training time is approximately 2 hours

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